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Ever wanted to build a satellite? Now's your chance!

Current Openings

Thank you for your interest. General recruitment for 2023 is now closed.


Please see our Info Package below for more information and direct any questions, comments, or concerns to

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Application Process

Please fill out the above form to submit your application. The form will ask you why you want to join the team, what specific sub-teams you are interested in and what relevant experience you may have.

If we believe you will be a good fit for the team, we will invite you for a short 10-15 minute interview for us to get to know you and to chat about what you hope to gain from being on the team.


We will email all applicants with their status. If you have not received an email from us after two weeks please email

We look forward to your application!

Tips for Applying

  • Attach your resume to the application form.

  • Specify the subteam(s) you are interested in, so we can direct your application to the appropriate lead.

  • Please read the study guide below to get to know the team and its sub-teams better.

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